Antica Acetaia Torricelli - Healthy & Traditional

Antica Acetaia Torricelli preserve a secret that have come a long way: balsamic vinegar of the tradition, following the original ancient recipe. A coffer full of flavor, which find its roots in the peasant tradition of our land, from one of our finest musts left to rest in peculiar woods. A unique recipe, jealously preserved from generation to generation like an alchemic secret. An experienced craftsmanship which wisely follow and wait for ancestral nature’s rhythm.

Torricelli Balsamic Vinegar based products are coming back to the origins of our land and bring to the table their authentic traditional taste. A taste that recalls a thousand sensations, bringing back to mind our core values that we hold dearly, linked to the table, to the family and to being together. Those values that make us feel good and heal our soul and body like the beneficial effect of an ancient balm.

Products on focus

Discover traditional aromas with Torricelli line’s products: balsamic vinegar of Modena IGP crafted following the ancient recipe, but also balsamic family condiments and flavored vinegars to disclose the natural evolution of a unique heritage.

A brand of Casa Mussini

Antica Acetaia Torricelli, one of Casa Mussini's brands, is the one that more than any other brings back to the peasant tradition where the original balsamic vinegar ancient recipe comes.
This brand is thought for lovers of good recipes and healthy food, made with top quality ingredients, but also for those who love to be amazed by flavors that bring back in fashion the tradition.

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